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  • Brown Patch Disease
    Brown Patch Disease

    Brown patch is a fungal disease that develops during the hot, humid conditions of summer, transforming a green lawn into one with circular brown patches a few inches to several feet in diameter. Infected grass turns a dark purplish-green before fading to light brown, and has a sunken or flattened appearance. You may still see some healthy, unaffected grass within a diseased area.

  • Crabgrass

    There are several species of crabgrass. Common crabgrass is one of the most undesirable and dominant weeds in home lawns. A lighter shade of green than typical turfgrasses, it has a coarse texture and clumpy appearance.

  • Dollar Spot Fungus
    Dollar Spot Fungus

    Dollar spot is caused by a fungus that causes blight to grass blades, but does not harm roots or crowns. Infections start as small circular areas about the size of a silver dollar, hence the name.

  • Fairy Rings
    Fairy Rings

    Signs of fairy ring include a dark green circle or arc of rapidly growing turfgrasses, sometimes lined with a band of dead grass. Occasionally, mushrooms or puffballs form along the ring. Fairy rings develop most commonly in spring and fall when there is excess moisture.

  • Gray Leaf Spot Disease
    Gray Leaf Spot Disease

    Gray Leaf Spot (GLS) is a fungal disease that affects various turfgrasses. Lesions start as olive green to brown, water-soaked dots, no larger than a pinhead. As the infection progresses, the lesions become larger and ash-colored with purple to brown margins. The turf appears scorched and thin as if suffering from drought.

  • Gray Snow Mold
    Gray Snow Mold

    Gray snow mold is a fungal disease that attacks turfgrass in areas where there are extended periods of snow cover. It is easier to manage if treated in a timely manner but can be fatal to turfgrass if left untreated.

  • Leaf Spot & Melting-Out
    Leaf Spot & Melting-Out

    Leaf spot and melting-out are turfgrass fungal diseases that can cause indefinite yellowing and thinning of grass, as well as large patches of dead turfgrass.