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Signs of pests and diseases will vary from tree to tree. Search our database of pests and diseases for symptoms, damages, life cycle, management, and control information.

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Mold or Fungus
Gray Snow Mold
Gray snow mold is a fungal disease that attacks turfgrass in areas where there are extended periods of snow cover. It is easier to manage if treated in a timely manner but can be fatal to turfgrass if left untreated.
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Leaf or Needle Discoloration
Pine Sawfly
Pine sawflies are conifer-feeding insects. They are categorized into two groups: spring species and summer species. Both feed on pine needles, causing the needles to turn yellow or brown. Sometimes the needles are completely consumed.
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Webs or Bags
Sod Webworms
Sod webworms are grayish-green caterpillars with dark brown heads and brown spots along the length of their bodies. The caterpillars live in silken tunnels at the base of grass blades, feeding on the grass blades at night and hiding in their tunnels during the day.
Fusiform Rust Photo Arborist Advice Banner
Mold or Fungus
Southern Fusiform Rust
Southern fusiform rust is a fungal pathogen that causes trunk and/or branch swelling in pine hosts and rust on oak leaves.
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Mold or Fungus
Tinder Fungus
Tinder fungus is a fungal species that produces large, porous fruiting bodies that often resemble a horse’s hoof. They vary in color, but are most commonly gray, black or brown. The body can be from 2-17 inches across, 1-10 inches wide and 1-10 inches tall.
Pest And Disease Ash Flower Gall Mite Banner 1440X500
Bumps or Blisters on Leaf or Needle
Ash Flower Gall
Ash flower gall is a symptom of feeding activity of microscopic mites known as ash flower gall mites.
Pest And Disease Chlorosis Banner 1440X500
Leaf or Needle Discoloration
Chlorosis is the result of a lack of chlorophyll production that may be caused by many conditions such as another disease, soil/water pH or nutritional imbalance, or tree wounds.
Pest And Disease Gray Leaf Spot Disease Banner 1440X500
Brown, Spotted, or Patch Grass on Lawn
Gray Leaf Spot Disease
Gray Leaf Spot (GLS) is a fungal disease that affects various turfgrasses. Lesions start as olive green to brown, water-soaked dots, no larger than a pinhead. As the infection progresses, the lesions become larger and ash-colored with purple to brown margins.
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