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Signs of pests and diseases will vary from tree to tree. Search our database of pests and diseases for symptoms, damages, life cycle, management, and control information.

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Damage & Symptoms
Pest And Disease Crabgrass Banner 1440X500
Brown, Spotted, or Patch Grass on Lawn
There are several species of crabgrass. Common crabgrass is one of the most undesirable and dominant weeds in home lawns. A lighter shade of green than typical turfgrasses, it has a coarse texture and clumpy appearance.
Pest And Disease Crape Myrtle Bark Scale Banner 1440X500
Dieback or Thinning Canopy
Crape Myrtle Bark Scale
Crape myrtle bark scale (CMBS) is an invasive insect species that attacks crape myrtle trees. They are small, white or gray in color and have a felt-like appearance.
Cytospora Canker Of Spruce Arborist Advice Banner 002
Mold or Fungus
Cytospora Canker
The plant pathogenic fungus Leucostoma kunzei (formerly Valsa kunzei) is the causal agent of cytospora canker, a disease of some conifers found in the Northern Hemisphere, predominantly on Norway spruce (Picea abies) and Colorado blue spruce (Picea pungens).
Pest And Disease Deadman Fingers Banner 1440X500
Mold or Fungus
Dead Man's Fingers Fungus
Dead man’s fingers is a fungal pathogen that grows in small towering groups of three to six mushrooms and resemble fingers coming out of the ground.
Pest And Disease Center Diplodia Tip Blight Banner 1440X500
Leaf or Needle Discoloration
Diplodia Tip Blight
Diplodia tip blight of pines (formerly known as Sphaeropsis tip blight) is caused by the fungus Diplodia pinea. The fungus can live in dead needles, branches, and cones of the tree all year round.
Pest And Disease Dogwood Anthracnose Banner 1440X500
Spotting on Leaf
Dogwood Anthracnose
Dogwoods are treasured landscape trees. A destructive disease known as anthracnose can tarnish their beauty, degrade their health, or even kill the tree.
Pest And Disease Dollar Spot Banner 1440X500
Brown, Spotted, or Patch Grass on Lawn
Dollar Spot Fungus
Dollar spot is caused by a fungus that causes blight to grass blades, but does not harm roots or crowns. Infections start as small circular areas about the size of a silver dollar, hence the name.
Pest And Disease Dryads Saddle Banner 1440X500
Mold or Fungus
Dryad's Saddle Mushroom
Dryad’s saddle, also known as pheasant’s back, is a large, scaled cap mushroom that can decay dead trees and the sapwood of living trees.
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