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Signs of pests and diseases will vary from tree to tree. Search our database of pests and diseases for symptoms, damages, life cycle, management, and control information.

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Pest And Disease Boxwood Decline Banner 1440X500
Spotting on Leaf
Boxwood Leafminer
Boxwood Leafminer are small flies that attack several varieties of boxwood, causing the usually dense foliage to appear weak and lackluster. These pests can kill boxwood twigs and cause mature plants to become susceptible to other diseases, including winter-kill in colder climates.
Pest And Disease Brittle Cinder Fungus Banner 1440X500
Trunk or Bark Damage
Brittle Cinder Fungus
Brittle cinder fungus, or Kretzschmaria deusta, is a fungal pathogen that causes breakage in seemingly healthy trees. The fungus appears around the base of trees as a crust-like fruiting body that has wavy edges.
Pest And Disease Center Bronze Birch Borer Banner 1440X500
Trunk or Bark Damage
Bronze Birch Borer
The bronze birch borer (Agrilus anxius) is a destructive beetle that feeds on birch trees. Signs of this pest include off-color and sparse foliage in the upper canopy of the birch tree, dead branches in the upper crown and swollen ridges on the trunk and branches.
Pest And Disease Center Brown Patch Disease Banner 1440X500
Brown, Spotted, or Patch Grass on Lawn
Brown Patch Disease
Brown patch is a fungal disease that develops during the hot, humid conditions of summer, transforming a green lawn into one with circular brown patches a few inches to several feet in diameter. Infected grass turns a dark purplish-green before fading to light brown.
Pest And Disease Center Buck Moth Banner 1440X500
Holes or Skeletonization in Leaves
Buck Moth
The buck moth caterpillar is a serious pest that defoliates oaks, particularly in the southeastern United States.
Pest And Disease Bur Oak Blight Banner 1440X500
Spotting on Leaf
Bur Oak Blight
Bur Oak Blight (BOB) is caused by a fungus named Tubakia iowensis. It is a leaf disease that attacks oak trees causing severe decline and death.
Pest And Disease White Pine Weevil 1440X500
Holes or Skeletonization in Leaves
California Oakworm
The California oakworm is a caterpillar species that feeds on oak trees throughout California. The larva is about 1-inch long with yellow/green bodies and black stripes down either side and a light orange/brown head. Adult moths are small with tan/gray wings.
Pest And Disease Canker Banner 1440X500
Trunk or Bark Damage
Fungal Cankers On Trees
Cankers are caused by various species of fungi that infect wounded or stressed trees. The canker itself is the dead area on the bark that can be found on the trunk or branches.
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