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“Pond”-ering Turf Around Water
Natural and man-made ponds surrounded by turf grass can have several issues, such as erosion, algae, and siltation. Using native plants can resolve these issues while creating an aesthetically pleasing space.
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Beat the Heat: Summer Green Infrastructure Maintenance
Summer weather can create green infrastructure maintenance challenges. These 6 tips can help ensure healthy and functional green infrastructure for the summer and beyond.
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Growing Leadership in Urban Forestry
DRG demonstrated their commitment to leadership in urban forestry at SMA’s Municipal Forestry Institute, which aims to train attendees in the skills needed to be experts in the industry.
Nashville Tree Inventory
Leveraging Your Tree Inventory Data
Tree inventory data can help with much more than just knowing what tree species are in your urban forest.
Tree Campus Healthcare
Health Systems Recognize Nature’s Benefits for Patient Care
The Arbor Day Foundation recognized 16 U.S. healthcare facilities for their commitment to improve community wellness through tree planting, education, and community engagement.
Trees: The Heart of a Healthy Community
Dr. Jennifer Wisdom shares the link between urban forests and cardiovascular health in part one of a four-part series about trees and human health.
Indiana Profile
Batty About Bat Regulations
The winter tree clearing season of October 1 to March 31 is coming to a close, but what can you do still?
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A Simple Solution to Stormwater
Green infrastructure can help sewer districts manage their water intake while touting environmental and cost benefits.
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