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Maintain Your Plants’ Structural Integrity & Aesthetics

It’s not only a science but an art that we have been perfecting for over 140 years.

Tree pruning keeps your property pristine, healthy, and accessible for visitors. This component of tree care maintenance is also critical to sustaining your property’s safety and liability issues.

Davey’s arborists are bonded, insured and TCIA Accredited as well as ISA Certified. We have pioneered the science of tree pruning and shrub trimming for the overall health and growth of your plants.

Our team of arborists has the knowledge, training, and proper equipment to keep the trees and shrubs on your entire property looking cohesive and unified.

Routine tree pruning and shrub trimming maintenance keep your landscape safe, healthy, and appealing. But there’s also a science behind it all and our experts have the deep understanding of a tree’s biology, value, and care needed to maximize its aesthetics.

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