Manhattan Woods

Davey crews are on-site at Manhattan Woods, using selective pruning and removal techniques to reduce safety risks and improve turf quality.

Located three miles west of the Hudson River and with downriver distant views of the New York City skyline, Manhattan Woods opened its gates for golf players in 1998. Located in West Nyack, New York, the 18-hole course spans across 380 acres and features 7,110 yards of playable space.

The privately owned golf course was designed to connect golfing with nature. During the construction process, Manhattan Woods designers wanted to incorporate as many natural features as possible into the course, creating a unique and peaceful space for golfers to enjoy.

Wickes/arborists, a Davey company, facilitated a partnership with Manhattan Woods at its inception, serving as a consultant to preserve trees during construction. Since then, the partnership has grown and evolved to better suit Manhattan Woods’s needs.

Playing It Safe

Wickes helped Manhattan Woods pinpoint trees with potential safety risks after a walkthrough of the property once construction was completed. In 2018, Wickes expanded their scope of work on the course to include pruning hundreds of trees. Part of the pruning process included framing the view of the skyline for golfers to enjoy while playing.

In the same year, a large storm event hit the area, causing significant damage to the property. Manhattan Woods called on Wickes to help take inventory of damage to the property and clear debris. Wickes has since helped develop a plan to mitigate tree risk on the course.

The plan includes a process that selectively thins and removes larger trees on the course for risk reduction purposes and turf improvements. With this strategic service, turf will receive the sunlight it needs in order to maintain optimal health while risk of fallen tree limbs during future weather events is decreased.

A Partnership Hole In One

In 2020, Wickes was acquired by Davey Tree. Wickes’ part in navigating the acquisition while continuing services with Manhattan Woods strengthened the relationship, making Davey a chosen partner based on the trust that was built and continued through the years.

Manhattan Woods and Wickes' relationship continually grows through communication and collaboration, cementing a decades-long partnership.

Manhattan Woods is known for its spectacular views enjoyed by golfers while playing a game.
Wickes Arborists ensure golfer safety by selectively pruning trees on the course.
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