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U.S. Forest Service announces newest version of its free mobile forestry software suite

The Davey Tree Expert Company takes pride in the sponsorship of i-Tree 2014. Sponsoring i-Tree 2014 was a natural fit based on Davey's passion for the proper care of trees.

Posted: Wednesday, January 22, 2014

By U.S. Forest Service 

The  Forest Service is making it easier than ever for homeowners and urban planners  to discover the economic and ecological value of their trees, with today’s  release of the free mobile software tool i-Tree 2014.    Stock 20115_jpg

Since it  was first released in 2006, the free tools found in the i-Tree suite have made  it possible for communities, non-profit organizations, consultants and students  to analyze individual trees, parcels, neighborhoods, cities and entire states.  The software has also become a global ambassador for the Forest Service – the  world’s largest forest research organization – where it is put to work in more  than 100 countries.   

“Urban  forests are the lifelines of America’s cities, and we know that in part because  of i-Tree,” said U.S. Forest Service Chief Tom Tidwell. “i-Tree helps us better  understand how urban forests benefit the health of our cities and the people  who live in them.”

 What’s  new in 2014? Two of i-Tree’s most popular tools, Design and Canopy, have been  expanded with new features and another tool, Hydro,has been redesigned.

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