The Davey Tree Expert Company SEED Campus

The Davey Tree Expert Company is currently working on expanding its corporate headquarters to include a specialized training and research facility on an almost 200- acre property, as well as a third-wing addition to its existing corporate building. Both are located in Kent, Ohio, where Davey was established in 1880.

“For over 140 years, Davey has shown an uncompromising commitment to the training and education of our employees and to giving back to the industry through the support and sponsoring of scientific research that enhances our collective safety, techniques and results as arborists and environmentalists. Our investment in the SEED Campus elevates this commitment to a new level, cements our standing as the thought leader in the green industry and creates a facility that our employees, shareholders and community will all benefit from.”

- Pat Covey, chairman, president, and CEO

High Res SEED Training Center

SEED Campus Training Center

The training center classrooms will be more than double the size of the current classrooms at the Davey Institute across the street at Davey Tree’s corporate headquarters. The classrooms are used to teach many of Davey’s educational and training programs, including the Davey Institute of Tree Sciences (D.I.T.S.) classes, which is Davey’s flagship training program in biological sciences, safety, tree and plant care and management techniques. The anticipated completion of the SEED Campus is summer of 2025. Research and training have started taking place on the property, including tree and shrub plantings on research plots and utility and safety training.

Training and research facilities on the SEED Campus may also include:

  • Outdoor climbing centers
  • Distance learning facilities
  • Canopy walk, turf/golf fairways and greens
  • Greenhouses, research/diagnostics laboratories
  • Replicated tree plantations
  • Mature tree, soil ecology and wetland research

“The Davey Tree SEED Campus will be the green industry’s premier research and training facility. It will be used to generate science-based knowledge that will be applied by highly trained professionals across Davey throughout our industry. Sustainability is emphasized as the SEED Campus is home to wonderful natural areas, including nearly one mile of Cuyahoga River frontage, a bog and other wetlands, and many mature trees that provide long-term research opportunities. Everything that we do as a company will be reflected in this property in some way.”

- Dan Herms, vice president of research and development, Davey Institute

“Our vision for the SEED Campus is to be a state-of-the-art research and education center for use by not only our employees, but also to include client interaction, community involvement and educational opportunities for regional institutions and our peers in the green industry. This will be a special place to gather and experience all that Davey has to offer. It will be something we can be proud of for many generations to come.”

- Dan Joy, executive vice president and assistant to the president

“Another interesting piece of this project is that Davey is making space for archives and building a museum for Davey's historical items. The SEED Campus property is located just down the street from the historic Standing Rock Cemetery where our founder John Davey began his career in arboriculture in the late 1800s, so this is the perfect place to shine a spotlight on Davey’s 140-year history and display some of our equipment, documents and artifacts. And as part of this emphasis on history, the barn that was on the property previously will be reconstructed and have a special location on the campus.”

- Sandee Reid, vice president of corporate communications and strategic planning

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Sustainability Features On Davey’s SEED Campus

Talking Trees With Davey Tree Podcast

Tune in to hear Dan Herms, vice president of research and development at the Davey Institute, and Dan Joy, executive vice president and assistant to the president, share the sustainability features on the Davey Tree SEED Campus. 

Continue listening for these highlights:

  • The size of the SEED Campus and its features
  • The history and future of the SEED Campus
  • The laboratories and research plots

See Plans & Progress Of The SEED Campus


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Employees Sign
Employees Sign

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September 2021

Third Wing Progression & The Final Beam Install

Employees had the opportunity to sign their names to the "Davey" steel beam, painted Davey green, in the fall of 2021, before the beam was lifted into place by construction crews.

 >> Watch this video to see the progression of the third wing and final beam install

Davey Corporate Campus 1985

History Of The Corporate Office

Construction on the corporate office, located at 1500 N. Mantua St. in Kent, Ohio, started in July 1984, when Davey had approximately 3,000 employees nationwide and a revenue of $118.9 million. Employees moved into the original 41,000-square-foot building in June 1985, which was designed in a way that a third wing could be attached to accommodate future growth. In addition to the main corporate office opening in 1985, the Company also unveiled the Davey Institute, a separate 10,000-square-foot building consisting of classrooms, a laboratory and a greenhouse, to serve Davey’s science and training needs. Since 1984, the company has grown to over 11,000 employees nationwide and revenue of $1.38 billion in 2021, making it necessary to expand and update the home office.

The Davey Tree Expert Company Established in 1880 and headquartered in Kent, Ohio, provides research-driven tree services, grounds maintenance, and environmental consulting for residentialutilitycommercial, and environmental partners in the U.S. and Canada. With 11,000 employees, Davey Tree is the eighth largest employee-owned company in the U.S.

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