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Saturated soil to blame for some toppled trees in St. Louis area

In this article from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Karl Dreyer, district manager of Davey's St. Louis office, talks about the tree damage he has seen after this rainy June.

Posted: July 2, 2015 

By Jack Witthaus 

Korey Kline heard a long, ripping sound and felt his entire house shake while he watched “Jeopardy!” a few weeks ago.

Stepping out to his backyard, Kline noticed that his neighbor’s large shingle oak tree had fallen, trampling a fence, garage and small garden, among other things. In total, the branches and trunk affected four properties.

On Wednesday, Kline sported sunglasses, a T-shirt and boots as he chopped up logs on his property in Brentwood. His neighbors talked about the old shingle oak while Kline’s chainsaw sizzled. For the last few weeks, the neighborhood has waited for insurance companies to inspect the damage before starting cleanup.

“I guess we’ll have all the firewood we’ll need for the next few years,” said John Spencer, surveying the twisted branches and chopped wood still scattered across the backyard.

Soaked ground from the wettest June on record has been the final blow for trees already suffering from other problems. The saturated soil makes it easier for troubled trees, some of them tall and old, to just let go.

June is normally the wettest month for St. Louis, but on average that means a little over 4 inches of rain. According to measurements taken at Lambert St. Louis-International Airport, 13.14 inches of rain fell last month.

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