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Inventory to take stock of number, condition of city's trees

In this article with the Tribune-Star, Terre Haute's urban forester talks about the tree survey Davey Resource Group will be doing to ensure they are aware of the high-risk trees in the area. 

Posted: Feb. 22, 2016 

By Howard Greninger 

A tree inventory is under way in the city of Terre Haute, a process that will take three to five years to complete.

The city’s last tree inventory was done in 2010 and documented about 17,000 trees, said Terre Haute’s urban forester Sheryle Dell.

“It is an old inventory and a lot of things changed. We decided to have the Davey Resource Group come in because they are a professional group, with an arborist who can give a professional look to tell the condition of high-risk trees,” Dell said.

James M. Rocke, a certified arborist with Davey Resource Group, began surveying trees on Feb. 1 and has 1,500 trees in an inventory so far. He will be joined by a colleague next week, and the two will get 5,000 trees in the new inventory by mid-March.

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