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For Big Tree Hunters, Size Matters: Davey Celebrates 2011 National Register of Big Trees



Join us as we cheer on the work of the nation’s Big Tree Hunters - and anyone who enjoys marveling at a really, really big tree. On July 1, American Forests released the 2011 National Register of Big Trees. More than 660 species will be represented, 30 more than last year, with trees in 46 states, including Alaska and the District of Columbia.

Big trees are emblematic of what any tree can become if it is planted in the right place and is properly maintained. Every year, these majestic living giants are honored in the National Register of Big Trees. This year, with the support of American Forests’ long-time sponsor The Davey Tree Expert Company, the Register will be published solely online, and will feature a searchable database and interactive features to view and locate each of the champion trees.

We are proud of our role as the premiere sponsor of the National Register of Big Trees. It's in our bark - we have been committed to developing new technologies to support the environment for more than a century.

Be sure to check out the entire 2011 National Register on the American Forests website. In the meantime, here are a few highlights:

• The 2011 National Register contains a total of 751 grand champion trees, including 18 new ones.

• Florida reigns as the state with the most champions, 106 to be exact, and is the only state with more than 100 national champions. Other states with the most champions are: Arizona (87), Texas (86), Virginia (76) and California (72).

• 108 previous champs have been dethroned in the 2011 Register.

• Five states have no national champion trees: Hawaii, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Wyoming, and North Dakota.


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