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Ever Wonder Why Trees' Leaves Change Colors?

In this article with Charlotte Magazine, Ray Betz, district manager of Davey's Charlotte office, tells readers what it is that gives leaves those beautiful colors we look forward to each year. 

Posted: Oct. 13, 2016

By Alyssa Ruane

When tree leaves turn from lush green to golden yellow, burnt orange, and bright red, it's almost impossible not to aim a camera at the canopies and snap colorful shot. It's almost a rite of passage living in Charlotte. While the turning tree leaves provide a plethora of Instagram gold, what many people don't realize is the reason behind the color change. A common thought is that since the weather is cooling down, the leaves die and thus change colors and eventually fall to the ground (gracing homeowners with the delightful task of raking). This theory is not totally wrong, but it's not right, either.

We brought in a tree expert to help explain the real reason trees' leaves change colors in the fall. It's actually quite interesting, even if you don't like science or care about the "why" behind things. Trust us on this.

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