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Dramatic Osprey re-nesting a huge success

This article by the Conservancy of Southwest Florida talks about The Davey Tree Expert Company re-nesting ospreys.  

Posted: April 21, 2014

The ospreys were rescued after their nest had fallen 50-feet from a Norfolk Pine. Although the babies had taken quite a plunge, they were uninjured so we planned to re-nest them.

Davey Tree Expert Company District Manager Dan Powell was contacted and was eager to assist. Dan met us at the site and brought Derek Harris, Rich Wiland, Aaron Jaques, Dylan Jaques, and Marcos Camacho to help. 

Some description

While the Davey Tree crew devised a plan, Conservancy staff worked with Lori Burgess (the osprey rescuer) to call the adult birds in using an osprey recording; two days had passed since the babies fell so we were concerned the adults might have moved on.

Davey Tree decided there was no way to safely return the ospreys to their original tree due to the numerous power lines that ran parallel and adjacent to the Norfolk Pine. We decided our best option was to relocate the chicks to a Slash Pine a block away.

While the Davey Tree crew worked to secure a nest platform in the Slash Pine, we kept a look out for the adult ospreys. Finally we heard adult ospreys calling from the original nest tree. We quickly rushed back and placed the osprey chicks on the lawn so the adults could see their babies. Conservancy staff slowly walked each chick from the yard of the original nest tree to the new nest tree always keeping the baby in sight of the adult ospreys so they could watch what was happening.

Derek settled the chicks in the nest and everyone cleared out. Since Lori lived nearby, she agreed to watch to see if the parents visited the babies. By nightfall, the parents hadn’t come to the nest. We assumed too much time and disturbance kept the parents from returning.

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