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Best Christmas trees

In this interview with Living the Country Life, RJ Laverne, manager of education and training for Davey Tree, tells listeners how to choose the best Christmas tree. 

Posted: Nov. 28, 2016 

By Jodi Henke

Live Christmas trees are a highly personal choice. One of my creative neighbors cut down a large shrub a few years ago, brought it in the house, and stuck lights and ornaments on it.

R-J Laverne is a certified master arborist and manager of education and training at the Davey Tree Expert company in Ohio. He says the perfect Christmas tree is whatever stirs your emotions and preferences.  His favorite tree is the Eastern white pine. The only downfall is that the branches are very flexible, and heavy ornaments droop toward the floor. Colorado Blue Spruce branches are stiff enough to hold ornaments, but the sharp needles will shred your skin in the decorating process.

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