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7 Tree Hazards to Watch out for after the Storm

In this article from Angie's List, Dave Bargerstock, district manager of Davey's Northeast Detroit office, tells readers how to spot tree damage after a storm.

Posted:  July 7, 2015 

Once a storm subsides, make it a priority to check landscape trees.

Keeping trees healthy, pruned and structurally sound helps minimize accidents before the storm. Healthy trees can hold their ground in almost any weather, especially heavy winds and downpours.

Poorly maintained trees can become a problem. Check for the following signs to get to the root of any tree issues and keep your home safe.

1. Dead wood

Dead trees and branches can fall at any time. Look for leafless branches when others have plenty of green leaves. Another sign of dead wood is old bark that has mostly fallen and hasn’t been replaced with new bark — instead there is only smooth wood underneath. 

2. Tree cracks

Storms can cause branches to twist, bend and crack. Check for deep splits in the bark that extend into the wood of the tree or internal or external cavities. 

3. Tree decay

Soft wood or cavities where wood is missing is a sign of decay. In time, decay will continue to cause structural problems.

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