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5 Top Trees to Plant for Pollinators

In this Angie's List article, Keith Wright, district manager of Davey's Raleigh office, tells readers some great trees to plant for pollinators. 

Posted: June 8, 2016

Birds and insects that carry pollen from plant to plant are called pollinators. They ensure flowers bloom and some of our favorite foods make it to the table. Pollinators help most fruits, vegetables and flowers grow healthy and vibrant!

As modern landscapes change, however, pollinators fight to survive, and they need our help. Gardening for pollinators is easy. You’re probably envisioning colorful flowers bursting with blooms, but did you know trees are just as important to pollinators?

Many trees promote the health and protection of pollinators. Here are the top five trees for attracting pollinators.

1. Native oaks

Planting natives is one of the best ways to assist pollinators. Native oak trees support pollinators throughout the year in a number of ways, but especially by providing winter shelter and habitat. In fact, native oaks give more than 500 pollinator species a home and enable them to return for years to come.

2. Magnolias

These trees with vibrant flowers attract and support a range of pollinators year-round, attracting them with nourishing pollen and nectar. However, honeybees, insects and birds aren’t the only ones that love magnolias; fruit flies, leafhoppers and more visit these pink petals as well.

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