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Accessibility, Safety, & Tranquility: Maintaining Your Hospital Landscape

Upholding The Healthcare Mission Through Medical Facility Landscaping

Hospitals and healthcare facilities have one primary responsibility: to take care of their patients. Part of patient care includes surrounding them in a clean, calm, and safe environment. Hospital landscapes should mirror this atmosphere. Sustainably maintained trees, shrubs, and turf add an element of tranquility for patients and families while prioritizing safety and accessibility.

Davey understands the importance of a local community’s healthcare facilities. Our team of experts provide complete grounds management while upholding a healthcare facility’s priority of patient safety and well-being.

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Understanding The Importance Of Healing Gardens

Medical facilities have the important duty of caring for members of their community who are in need. With nature’s ability to reduce stress and promote calmness, healing gardens can provide a peaceful space for those who need it. Davey has experience installing therapeutic gardens that are regularly visited by patients who need a quiet moment of reflection.

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Maintaining Clean & Accessible Hospital Grounds

Hospitals and other medical facilities must maintain a clean and well-kept environment. While indoor cleanliness is important for patient safety, visible walkways and parking lots with clear paths also help patients and families easily navigate facility entryways and grounds. Davey’s experts understand the importance of facility accessibility by clearing walkways, reducing liability, and more.

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Landscaping With Surgical Precision At TriHealth In Cincinnati, OH

Davey crews are on-site at least once a week at six separate locations in the TriHealth medical system. With four of those locations offering 24/7 emergency rooms, safe and accessible landscaping is a top priority.
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Keeping Up With Active Resident Life In Laurel Lake Retirement Community, Hudson, OH

Laurel Lake’s residents lead an active lifestyle that takes advantage of the vast outdoor spaces on the property. Proper maintenance and care are vital to keeping these spaces safe and beautiful.
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Cleveland Clinic Grounds Maintenance

Davey’s Crews Ensure Safety At The Cleveland Clinic Main Campus

Davey works to meet and exceed the Cleveland Clinic’s expectations of safety without sacrificing curb appeal through consistent year-round grounds maintenance at the downtown Cleveland Clinic campus.
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Akronchildrenshosp Banner 1440X500

Vibrant Landscapes & Easily Accessible Walkways Creates A Safe & Peaceful Atmosphere At Akron Children's Hospital

Davey crews are on-site 365 days a year to perform grounds maintenance, snow and ice removal, and more for the largest pediatric healthcare system in northeast Ohio.
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