Posted: February 06, 2024

For commercial property managers across the country, spring means it’s time to spring into action and make sure the growing season starts off on the right foot. For some that means managing stormwater issues from melting snow and spring rains, and for others, it’s prepping irrigation systems to protect against a long dry season.  

Whatever spring has in store for your property, it pays to have a good idea what to expect from the weather so you can start taking the necessary steps to prepare, coordinate, and plan for another growing season. And while nobody knows exactly what to expect, it can’t hurt to have it on your radar.  

As a property manager you know how important it is to plan ahead, and a big part of planning is knowing what’s on the horizon. By looking at the 2024 spring forecast, you can have a better idea of when to start scheduling tree and flower plantings, fertilization, and other critical tasks to help your property look its best all year long.  

Predicting the Future by Looking at the Past 

Historical data plays a huge role in predicting macro weather patterns like a 3-month forecast. Things can change dramatically in a day-to-day context, but overall, bigger weather trends tend to be more consistent and shift more slowly.  

That said, as average temperatures continue to creep higher and higher, many areas of the country have shifted to new plant hardiness zones – and have experienced different weather patterns over the last several years as a result of these warmer temperatures.  

Precipitation is also changing over time – from snowier winters becoming more rain-soaked in the Midwest to dryer overall winters in the west and northwest (despite the current atmospheric river and subsequentially higher levels of precipitation).  As the temperatures change, so does the amount and type of precipitation that falls throughout the year, which makes it even more important to keep an eye on the 2024 spring weather 

What Can You Expect?  

Anyone who has tried to predict the weather knows you’d have better luck guessing the winning lottery numbers. But as we’ve discussed, with the right data, you can have a good idea what’s coming down the line from Mother Nature. One great tool is the National Weather Service’s three-month outlook for the U.S.  

Here’s a high-level summary of what the spring looks like for spring weather 2024 in each region of the U.S.  

Northeast Spring Weather Predictions

Similar to last year’s spring outlook, there will be some variability in the Northeast, but from New York to Maine, there’s a slight chance of warmer-than-average temperatures and normal precipitation.  

Temperatures in the northern part of the U.S. have been slowly increasing over the last several years, and based on the outlook for this spring, that trend will continue.  

Midwest Spring Weather Predictions 

The Midwest is expecting warmer temperatures through spring.  

And when it comes to precipitation, the spring outlook says there’s an equal expectation of precipitation against the average for much of the region, but the great plains states, including Missouri, Nebraska, and Kansas can expect a 30% to 50% chance of above-average precipitation.  

Southeast Spring Weather Predictions 

The Southeast is looking at average temperatures in much of the region, but northern areas like Virginia and North Carolina have an increased chance for warmer weather.  

Generally speaking, the Southeast will have a good chance at above average precipitation, with the Florida panhandle and southern Alabama and Georgia having above normal chances of increased precipitation amounts.  

Northwest Spring Weather Predictions 

Spring weather conditions will feature above average chances for warmer temperatures throughout the region, with the extreme northwestern areas like Northern Oregon and Washington having the greatest potential for a warmer spring.   

Along with warmer temperatures, the Northwest may see slightly less precipitation than normal as well.   

West Spring Weather Predictions 

Despite the current windy, rainy conditions, the Western region of the U.S. is expected to have the best chance at average temperatures for spring weather 2023. From Arizona and Utah to southern California and Nevada, odds are that there will be more of the same in 2024.  

Precipitation will also be on par with normal levels throughout the region.  

Now is the Time to Get Ready! 

Across the U.S., spring weather conditions will present a set of challenges to commercial properties like yours. Having the right partner can help you prepare for and manage anything that comes your way. Here are a couple of things to keep in mind as spring gets closer. 

  • Know what’s in your landscape and maintenance contract. Understanding roles and responsibilities can help you stay ahead of maintenance concerns and help keep you ahead of any weather events like storms or heavy rains.  
  • Make sure your property is safe for employees and guests. After winter, your property may need a little TLC, and before any wear and tear on your property becomes a safety hazard, have a property assessment to ensure your property isn’t a liability for people or property.  
  • Choosing the right Plant Health Care program can ensure your trees, shrubs, turf, and other plants receive the nutrients they need to thrive this season. By helping plants replace lost nutrients with fertilization and reduce potential damage with proper pruning, you can give your landscape a leg up this spring.  



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