Posted: June 13, 2023

Every property manager wants a commercial property that looks great all year long - this includes having well-planned, consistent maintenance to ensure your turf is mowed and edged, your trees and shrubs are neat and tidy, all your plants are healthy and blooming, and your hardscapes are clean and functional.  

But there’s more to having an inviting commercial facility than just efficient property management. You also want to prevent hazards for guests, employees, tenants, and customers by ensuring property safety and security on your site.  

This job takes a comprehensive approach, which includes removing potentially dangerous tree branches, eliminating pooling water, unclogging drains, and improving sight line visibility. Additional tasks include reviewing and updating overall property design and layout and conducting regular inspections to tag and address any potential landscape hazards.  

Even if you have the most attractive commercial property in your area, there are some things you can do with your greenspace to improve commercial property security and safety. 

Protecting the People 

A well-maintained property that not only looks good but also functions safely day to day sends a signal to the people who visit your site, welcoming them in and making them feel at ease as they move about your property.  

Proper maintenance is essential for a professional-looking facility, as well as reducing liability claims that can result from slips and falls, trips, or other potential hazards.  

To keep these property safety concerns at bay, don’t wait for storms or dead branches to fail before properly pruning trees and shrubs. Have your commercial trees and shrubs regularly assessed and properly trimmed to keep unhealthy branches from falling and keep lighting and signage clear.  

By managing stormwater runoff and buildup, you can avoid water issues like standing water that can create messy spots and flooding that can make walkways impassable.  

Consistently and correctly mowing turf to the proper height can reduce tripping risks and ease pedestrian movement on your site. 

And in winter, ensure you have a snow and ice management plan to prevent slips and falls on slick surfaces and ease access into and out of your facility.  

Protecting the Property 

In addition to protecting people, you also need to ensure the safety and security of the buildings and vehicles on your commercial facility.  

Traffic accidents, vandalism, and storm damage can not only add to your repair costs, but they can also negatively impact employee workflow – both of which create commercial property liability concerns and harm your bottom line.  

Unkempt trees and shrubs, for instance, can block signage or obstruct the view of parking lot entrances and exits, causing accidents. Tree roots left to grow into sidewalks can cause heaving or uneven and hazardous walkways. Weak or damaged trees can fail during storms, damaging buildings, vehicles, or other structures. Floods can result from stormwater collection in low-lying areas. Poor drainage can also cause erosion.  

By preventing these issues with consistent and thorough commercial landscape maintenance, you give your guests and visitors a well-lit, neat and clean site that makes them feel safe and discourages vandalism and theft 

Find a Trusted Partner 

As you seek a commercial landscape provider to help you boost security and safety on your site, you’re naturally looking for expertise and leadership. But you also want a company that communicates with you on a regular basis, demonstrates a commitment to quality work, and is willing to help you solve problems on your site.  

Trust in a commercial grounds management company that has the capabilities to address your most important concerns – from grounds care to tree maintenance to environmental projects to landscaping for security 

Seek out a professional who works closely with your stakeholders to ensure tenants, employees, guests, and visitors are happy with your landscape appearance.  

Finally, make sure you hire a company with a large enough footprint to accommodate multiple locations, so your properties never miss a beat.  

If thinking about safety first is overwhelming and confusing for you, let Davey help. We’d be happy to review your brand image, goals, and concerns, as well as come up with some great ways to enhance your landscaping to improve commercial property security and safety.  


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