Port Warwick Conservancy

Davey crews are on-site weekly at Port Warwick, contributing to its idyllic atmosphere through full-service grounds maintenance.

In 2000, developer Bobby Freeman had a vision for a unique, high-end community in the Newport News, Virginia area. Drawing inspiration from local Pulitzer prize-winning novelist William Styron, Port Warwick became one of the first community development districts of its kind in the area. Port Warwick houses businesses, shopping centers, and restaurants, as well as over 1,500 residents in the surrounding houses, townhomes, live-above homes, apartments, assisted living facilities and condominiums.

“There’s nothing else like this community,” Shane Prillaman, Association Manager of the Port Warwick Conservancy, says. “I find this place very special.”

Overseen by the Port Warwick Conservancy, the property owners association, the community prides itself on its culture-rich atmosphere, taking inspiration from 19th and 20th-century literary figures for street names, and focusing on public sculptures as a design element. At the heart of Port Warwick is Styron Square, a three-acre green space inspired by the squares of London. Every year, Styron Square hosts a number of highly attended events, such as the Summer Concert Series, Holiday Tree Lighting, Art and Sculpture Festival, and Jazz on the Square.

Part of Port Warwick’s atmosphere includes its meticulously manicured lawns and landscapes, cared for weekly by Davey Tree. Since 2019, Davey crews have come on-site weekly to provide full-service grounds maintenance, meeting the high standards of the Port Warwick Conservancy.

“Port Warwick has a massive landscaping responsibility,” Prillaman says. “They needed a company that has the resources Davey Tree has to serve our needs … The Board of Directors thought they had the reach back potential from their national brand to make sure we were never underserved.”

Crews are on-site three times a week to perform mowing, weeding, shrub pruning, mulching, and irrigation management services. They understand the sensitivity of performing grounds maintenance services in densely populated areas. As such, Davey has created a comprehensive turf management program to keep up with the high traffic. Being mindful of Port Warwick’s visitors and residents, crews take precautions such as scheduling maintenance around square events and powering down equipment when pedestrians pass, allowing crews to continue their work without being disruptive.

“It’s a massive undertaking,” Prillaman says. “Because Port Warwick is 50% residential and 50% commercial, there are different service areas on the property. Different areas have different responsibilities, and Davey has to curtail their services to the specific areas they’re working in. It’s a lot of work.”

In the winter months, Davey crews make sure walkways and parking lots are cleared of snow and ice. During storm season, crews clear fallen limbs and other tree debris, repair damaged landscape, and perform any other necessary cleanup work. When needed, crews also perform flower rotations, small tree removals, and plantings.

Strengthening their partnership through open communication, Davey Tree is committed to helping the Port Warwick Conservancy uphold the community’s idyllic atmosphere. 

“Davey is always eager to please, always receptive to feedback, and always happy to provide,” Prillaman says.

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