Posted: February 28, 2022

A commercial property without trees, shrubs, or flowering plants would be a pretty barren place. There’d be no shade for shoppers at your retail facility, no natural cooling to your office building, no beauty in your outdoor lunch area, no reduced utility costs at your industrial site, and there’d be no noise buffers at your hospital or educational institution.

Imagine a world without beautiful, healthy trees; this may mean that your commercial properties would lose their value and curb appeal, not to mention be less attractive to visitors, tenants, employees, or guests.

But to provide you with maximum benefits, trees require additional attention to remain healthy, thriving assets on your property instead of liabilities. The solution: a plant health care program.

Let’s look at the many components of a plant health care program and how your plants may benefit on your commercial property.

What is a Plant Health Care Program?

You want to make sure the trees, shrubs, and plants on your commercial property remain healthy and with vibrant color. That’s admirable.

And while plant health care sounds attractive, you might be wondering, “What is plant health care?”

Simply put, plant health care combines preventative and therapeutic treatments to provide trees and shrubs with the nutrients and maintenance they need to thrive. It’s a method focusing on the health and growth of plants to prevent extensive problems.

Why is Plant Health Care Important?

Plant health care is a holistic approach. The program presents a cost-effective way to stay ahead of any potential issues that can have adverse impacts on your landscape investment.

For landscapes that have been neglected, the proper plant health care program can assist in recovery. For commercial sites with healthy trees and shrubs, plant health care can optimize your landscape’s aesthetics and growth.

For any type of commercial site, maintaining a healthy landscape in a proactive fashion can also boost your positive reputation and impression in the community, keeping people coming back again and again to use your facilities.

Watch the video below for additional information on why a good PHC program is important to the health and well-being of your commercial landscape.

Long-Term Benefits of a Plant Health Care Program

While trees and shrubs can perform and look great when they are first planted, over time they can go through a variety of conditions – from Mother Nature’s relentless bouts of weather extremes like drought, rain, high winds, or snow to other impacts like high foot traffic. Eventually plants in this situation get to a point where the location is no longer suitable for healthy growing conditions.

These things can cause your trees to become liabilities on your property that can result in damage through fallen branches or entire trees themselves. Even a tree that toples and hits nothing will still require expensive removal.

Branches and roots can also cause trip and fall hazards to people navigating your property. This further liability concern is certainly something you don’t want to have to deal with.

Finally, improperly maintained trees and shrubs can negatively impact your business, whether it’s by damaging utility lines causing power outages, closing your business for hours or days, or impeding access to customers and visitors by blocking access to roads and walkways.

These reasons are why it’s important to adopt a proactive plant health care program to ensure not only a thriving, healthy landscape, but also to limit harm to people, property, or business operations on your commercial site.

What Does a Plant Health Care Program Cover?

A plant health care program is tailored to the specific needs of your commercial property.

For instance, a landscape professional will inventory and assess the major trees and shrubs on your property, paying special attention to the species, age, size, health, and location of each. If problems are detected – anything from structural issues to pests or diseases – a specialist will suggest a care plan to treat them

Then, with your input, a commercial landscape management plan is created to fit your budget and specific needs using preventive and therapeutic treatments to best maintain plants and the soil they are growing in. Your team of landscape experts will regularly visit your property throughout the season to catch potential issues before they become bigger, more expensive ones.

You might be wondering a number of things. Some common questions we receive include:

  • Is plant health care something we do every year?
  • How much does a plant health care program cost?
  • If we do nothing, can’t we just replace our plants when they die?

These are all valid questions, but their answers can be quite different based on the size of your property, the plant species in your landscape, and any problems your trees and shrubs may be experiencing. By requesting a consultation with a commercial grounds management service provider that offers plant health care, you can get price quotes and a maintenance schedule that is suited to your property’s unique needs.

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