Posted: December 18, 2023

You may find yourself looking at several bids on the table, detailing landscape maintenance plans for your commercial facility.  

But as you compare the similarities and differences, you might realize no two contracts are worded exactly the same, making this process challenging and time-consuming, adding to your already long list of property manager to-dos.  

At the end of the day, you just want to hire a company that has the same high standards for quality work that you do. And you’d like to enjoy the multiple benefits of a commercial landscape maintenance contract, including long-term savings, mutual trust and accountability, a single point of contact, and protection from liability concerns.  

We completely understand. In fact, we can help make this process easier for you. Commercial properties have unique needs, and whether you’re looking for tree care, grounds maintenance, or snow removal services, having a contract that clearly outlines expectations and deliverables can help benefit both parties.  

Let’s look at why having a commercial landscaping contract in place can help facility managers keep their properties looking great, year after year. 

Long-Term Savings 

One of the obvious benefits of having a commercial landscape maintenance contract is the long-term savings you can realize by having everything outlined and agreed to up front.  

Depending on your property’s needs, bundling services like turf care, landscape maintenance, pruning, and fertilizing from one provider can help cut costs and minimize overlap between crews and services, which can create confusion or scheduling conflicts and cost you more in the long run.  

Additionally, signing multi-year contracts allows property managers to lock in prices at the current rate. This can protect you from surprise increases down the road and even help you better manage your budget.  

Another way a landscape maintenance contract helps you save money is by customizing care for your plants, trees, and overall landscape. If your green investments are healthy and thriving, you can eliminate costly repairs like replacing dead/damaged plants, and you’ll also have healthier trees and greener turf that can stand up to strong winds or heavy foot traffic.  

In order to maximize the plant health, certified professionals should do the work whenever possible. This includes ISA Certified(R) arborists and plant health care technicians – even better if they are backed by research and expertise in the field 

Increased Efficiency 

Signing a commercial landscape maintenance contract with a single-source provider also helps you build a true partnership with that company – one that offers quality, culture, and values you are in line with.  

This also brings positive service your way in the form of better communication, clear expectations, and problem-solving capabilities.  

Crews that get to know your site and are on your site regularly can better identify problems before they become serious issues. And with all those repeat visits, they’ll understand all the nuances on your property and perform their work with all these unique characteristics in mind.  

Liability Protection 

When you work with a signed, vetted landscape maintenance contract, you protect both parties from incidents.  

Landscape providers carry insurance to cover their workers, equipment, and liability, so if they cause property damage or are responsible for other incidents, the terms are laid out in writing in the contract, and you can reach a resolution quickly.  

Keeping your property free of hazards is also essential to protecting yourself from liability. Your landscape contract can help outline the maintenance and care of your property to help protect guests, customers, and employees from things like falling branches or ice and snow.  

Accountability, Service, Satisfaction 

In addition to everything we mentioned above, a landscape contract gives property managers peace of mind.  

Since expectations are in writing, accountabilities and responsibilities are known by all involved. This allows you to focus on your other job duties with the knowledge that your landscape and tree care needs are being handled by professionals.  


Commercial Landscape Design
Commercial Landscape Design

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