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What caught my eye: Planting a tree? A few tips

In this Times Union article, Joe Oszust from Davey's Albany, New York, office talks about the Arbor Day event he held and what advice he shared with attendees about planting trees.

Posted: May 19, 2021large tree

It’s tree planting season. Spring and fall are both good times to plant trees because in summer there’s a risk the roots won’t get enough water. Here's why planting a tree is a good idea.

I was at Hewitt’s recently with my sons, picking out vegetables they will grow this summer in our gardens. All the plants seem alluring in a garden store, but it’s not unlike going to the hair stylist – you look great walking out the door, but you can’t recreate the style at home. I’ve found out the same can be true with plants. They thrive in the store under the care of professionals, but on my sandy lot? Nope. The Davey Tree Expert Company held an Arbor Day celebration at the end of April and offered these pieces of advice:

I asked why damage to trees caused by storms seemed more common lately. Arborist Joe Oszust said in addition to more intense storms happening with greater frequency, development threatens trees. The more trees are removed, the more at-risk other trees are from wind damage.

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