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Upper Merion arborist: Trees damaged during winter storms require professional care

In this article from The Times Herald, Chris Miller, district manager of Davey's King of Prussia office, urges property owners to consider hiring a professional to asses their trees' health status. 

Posted: Jan. 28, 2015

By Gary Puelo 

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Tuesday’s storm may have misfired, but winter is far from over and our noble trees stand vulnerable to all kinds of damage yet. 

Expert arborist Chris Miller is still tending to sick trees who took a blow from last February’s ice storm. 

“We’re still seeing damage from that storm; it’s not like it’s completely over yet,” he said. “A lot of money was spent on local utilities removing or pruning trees away from power lines over the last year in response to that storm. It doesn’t end with just that. There’s still a need for any homeowners or landowners who have a large number of trees to evaluate trees for defects like cavities or irregular growths or overweighted limbs, or a tree potentially uprooting in any way … things a certified arborist can identify.”

Miller noted that dormant issues include dead wood, cracks, weak branch joints, root problems and decay, which can all mean no dogwood blooms come springtime .

His advice to all property owners: look up — and consider hiring a professional to assess a tree’s health status.

“Not everybody looks up all the time. They appreciate the shade and that’s about it,” said Miller, a district manager for Davey Tree Expert Company, based in King of Prussia. “One of the things I like to tell property owners is that when it comes to doing work on some of the larger trees, it’s so important to hire a qualified arborist, at least to evaluate the tree.”

Going the DIY route can be asking for trouble, he allowed.

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