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Trees can help you focus and concentrate

RJ Laverne is featured in this segment of The Money Pit to talk about his research in soundscape ecology and how it relates to our ability to focus and concentrate. 

Posted: Dec. 1, 2014

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TOM: And have you ever noticed how a walk in the woods or through the park just is very, very relaxing? Well, it turns out that’s it not just the exercise that’s good for you. There’s new research out that shows trees can actually help you focus and concentrate.

LESLIE: That’s right. Our next guest is an expert on soundscape ecology and is studying how trees impact what we hear and how that affects everything from mental ability to crime. So here to tell us more is R.J. Laverne, an arborist and researcher for Davey Tree Expert Company.

Welcome, R.J.

R.J.: And thank you for having me. It’s a pleasure to be here.

TOM: I’ve got to tell you, R.J., one thing that drives me crazy – I live in an old neighborhood where there’s lot of trees. And invariably, when someone buys a house in this neighborhood, the first thing they do is send the bulldozers in and knock them all down.

And it’s just terrible because then they start, after they build the house, by putting in these little twigs where these beautiful, massive trees used to be and it really impacts the entire neighborhood. From your research, it sounds like that’s a bad thing to do, not only for the visual impact but also in terms of how it makes you feel as an owner of that property.


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