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Top 5 tips to keep your property's trees healthy this fall season

Fall has just begun and already Davey experts are getting the word out on how to care for landscapes during this changing season. In this story, Davey's King of Prussia District Manager Chris Miller talks to a reporter from the Main Line Times about five tips for keeping trees healthy this season. Keep these in mind as you plan your landscaping activities this weekend.

By Michael Davalos

As the warm and muggy summer nights come to an end and the brisk autumn evenings prevail, it is crucial that homeowners take care of the trees on their property.

That's according to local Arborist Chris Miller of Davey Tree Company, located in King of Prussia, who says homeowner do not need to hire an Arborist in order to help the trees on their property stay healthy.

Here are five ways to preserves your trees for the fall.

1. Fall Fertilization

Summer 2012 was a very dry season, which put the region in a drought. Since we are coming out of a drought, Miller suggests fertilizing in early fall because it will strengthen the roots of your plants during the bitter winter months. Since it was so dry during the summer, new fertilizer will help restore nutrition and keep the trees healthy.

2. Deadwood Pruning

It is important to remove any deadwood that exists on your trees and shrubbery so that the plants can grow in a healthy manor and live a prolonged life. Miller suggests that when the spring season comes and the trees want to grow, if they are covered by deadwood they will not grow as well and the aesthetic of the tree will suffer too.

3. Cabling and Bracing

With some older trees, it is helpful to provide cabling and bracing to weak parts of the trees so that it can survive longer.

“Sometimes you have trees with minor defects,” Miller said. “And with proper cabling applied, it can last for many years.”

Miller suggests that the homeowner does not complete this project themselves. Instead, higher an Arborist to complete the project. Cost and labor for the process is approximately $200, according to Miller.

4. Dormant Oil Treatments

During the end of the summer season, many insects lay unwanted eggs on trees that tend to stay on them until new larvae are born. Dormant horticultural oils act as a smothering agent and kill the majority of the future larvae. Miller assured that it is one of the safest products to keeping the larvae in control.

5. Planting

The early fall season is also one of the best times of the year to plant new trees because cooler temperatures and less stress is placed on trees. Since the tree will be dormant during the winter season, the roots will stay fresh and can absorb nutrients so that when the spring season comes around—which is peek growing season—the tree will be prepared to grow in full.


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