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Top 10 Benefits of Trees

In this story from One Percent for the Planet, The Davey Institute is recognized for its research confirming urban forests can help improve air quality.

Published October 2013

One Percent for the Planet

Can you put
a price tag on a tree? Those who sell timber for paper and other products certainly do, but what about the worth of a living tree? When you add it all up, a tree’s price is incalculable. That didn’t stop Portland Parks & Recreation in Oregon from hanging actual price tags on trees in the community to give people a sense of the benefits they provide. What are those benefits? We picked ten of the most important:

1. Clean Air. Researchers at the Davey Institute
found that urban trees and forests are saving an average of one life every year per city because of the particulates that they remove from the air.

For the full story, visit the One Percent for the Planet website.

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