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Seeing Red Before Fall? Early Fall Color Can Be a Sign of Tree Stress

In this article with Associaonline.com, Davey tells homeowners how they can keep their trees stress free as summer draws to an end.

Posted: August 22, 2016

Vibrant red, orange and gold leaves are one of the best parts of fall. Many cities across the country are known for their beautiful fall show. But, it’s a problem when trees show early signs of fall well before summer has ended.

Stressed trees exhibit early leaf color, browning and leaf drop. If you see this in your own backyard, your trees may be asking for help.

Thirsty trees, those inundated by insects or disease or stressed for other reasons may stop producing chlorophyll, causing the fall coloring process to speed up and end before the summer season.

A hot summer can take its toll on trees for years to come. Even after recovering, trees may still be weak and need extra attention for the remainder of the season. A certified arborist can check your trees to help them make it through the remaining hot days.

But you can start now. Check leaves to see if they are the right color for the season. Leaves should not be brown, yellow or irregularly shaped. Signs also include wilting and drooping leaves.

Take care of your trees now by following these four easy steps and enjoy the fall color at the right time.

4 Steps to Keep Trees Healthy

  1. Protect trees from disease, insects and unpredictable weather by giving them the nutrients they need. As long as your trees aren’t experiencing drought, you can apply a slow-release fertilizer according to directions.

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