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Niagara Falls calls in tree experts

This article with The Niagra Falls Review talks about The Davey Resource Group's tree assessment in Niagra Falls as part of the city's urban forest management plan. 

Posted: Sept. 21, 2016 

By Ray Spiteri

Arborists have collected valuable information from about 30,000 trees in Niagara Falls as part of the city’s urban forest management plan.

The Davey Resource Group, which has been a professional tree-service company since 1930, was hired by the municipality to record certain attributes from trees along city streets, parks and cemeteries. The attributes included tree identification, measurements, condition ratings and appraisal values, using the latest in GPS (global positioning system) and GIS (geographic information system) technology.

The city will use this data to better manage its growing assets during the next several years. The information can be inputted into peer-reviewed analysis tools such as i-Tree to better quantify — in monetary terms — the ecological benefits urban forests provide for the community, such as storm-water retention and carbon sequestration.

John Morocco, operations superintendent for the municipality, said the data being collected will also be used by city staff to further refine ongoing maintenance strategies, such as Emerald Ash Borer management, hazard mitigation, and planning for biodiversity.

“The real impetus for this was when Emerald Ash Borer came and started to really demolish the trees,” he said. “About 3,000 trees unfortunately are going to be lost to Emerald Ash, so we thought, ‘OK, it’s time to really get a good handle on this asset and understand what we have out there, and the condition that it’s in.’”

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