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Let's go out on a limb and prove we can grow our own apples

In this article with The Dallas News, Brian Cox, district manager of Davey's Dallas office, tells homeowners to plant a few different varieties of apple trees for their best chance of having a fruitful harvest. 

Posted: Oct. 20, 2016 

By Ann McCormick 

More gardeners these days are looking to create the farm to table experience at home. With some of the new compact varieties of apple trees, that can include harvesting a homegrown 'Gala' or 'Tangy Green' for fresh, pesticide-free eating.

The apple trees of your grandparents' time were large, full-scale fruit trees. Today's gardener has a much smaller plot. In response, plant breeders have developed more compact apple trees that can be grown in as little as 8 square feet. A few can even be grown in containers on the patio. All can be planted now.

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