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In the Garden: 'Tree-age' for Temperature Swings

In this article with The Georgetowner, Brian Leatherman, district manager of Davey's Washington D.C. office, talks about what the warm and rapidly changing weather might mean for the areas' cherry blossom trees. 

Posted: March 1, 2017

By Kate Oczypok 

Brian Leatherman, district manager for Davey Tree Expert Company, has been a D.C.-area resident since the 1970s. He doesn’t recall weather as warm as it’s been this winter.

“It’s not unusual for a few days here and there, but this year has been rather extended,” he said. “It’s really unusual.”

While the weather leaves many Washington residents smiling, plant lovers throughout the area are fretting. With the forecast in March looking to be cooler, that begs the question: “What can backyard gardeners do to save their precious plants?”

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