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How to Solve the Most Common Summer Tree Problems

In this GardenSMART article, Jeff Newborn of Davey's Kansas City, Missouri, office solves your most common summer tree troubles. From tree pests to storm damage, Newborn details exactly how you can help your tree.

Posted: July 13, 2018

Sweet, sweet summertime! It's the season filled with a nearly endless sequence of outdoor activities.

During each busy day or quiet night, our trees are always making their presence known. Hard to say if we love trees' shady canopy or their ability to reduce air conditioning bills more…

Regardless, we often spend the most time with trees in summer, which leads to lots of tree questions.

Whether you've seen a creepy crawler on your tree, yellowing leaves or broken branches, Jeff Newborn, district manager of The Davey Tree Expert Company in Kansas City, explains what you should do!

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