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Georgia Arbor Day Celebrates State's Diverse Trees

In this interview with Atlanta's National Public Radio Station, Chris Heim, the district manager of Davey's Atlanta office, talks about Georgia Arbor Day and the state's trees. 

Posted: Feb. 22, 2016 

By John Lorinc

It's the third Friday in February, which makes today Georgia Arbor Day.

This is a day for schools, organizations and anyone else to take a little time to look at the wonder of trees and what they bring to the state.

National Arbor Day is in April, but Georgia is among the states with an individual Arbor Day.

The different dates in different states are all about the prime planting times for trees.

"The later that you go in the spring, it's not quite as recommended to plant trees just because the weather is a little bit different.  So we recommend that you plant trees earlier in the year," says Wendy Burnett, a spokeswoman for the Georgia Forestry Commission.

Georgia's state tree is the live oak, and the largest one in the state is in Waycross.

It’s called the Village Sentinel and it’s estimated at 450 to 500 years old.

There are 24 million acres' worth of trees in the state, according to the commission, which translates into two-thirds of the state being forested.

Even urban parts of the state have their fair share of trees.

“I have family and friends that fly in and they’re amazed how treed it is compared to other major cities like Chicago or New York or Cleveland or any of those communities, you don’t see near the tree cover that you see in Atlanta,” says arborist Chris Heim, the district manager of the Davey Tree Expert Co.

To listen to the interview, click here

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