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Elbert Hubbard And John Davey: Shared American Values

This article with The Huffington Post talks about Davey's founding father, John Davey, and other historical figures from his era. 

Posted: July 1, 2016

By Helen Davey

One of the most eloquent admirers of John Davey was Elbert Hubbard (1856-1915), a wildly popular and eccentric American writer, publisher, artist, and philosopher in the beginning of the Twentieth Century. Hubbard was famous for his biographies of great people that he admired, in part written to seek inspiration within himself. Like my grandfather, it’s possible that you’ve never heard of him.

However, the two men certainly knew of each other. The following are excerpts written about John Davey from Hubbard’s Notebook (1927), a compilation of writings published after Hubbard’s untimely death:

It is a great man who can introduce us to the divinities that surround us,
and make us realize our sacred relationships. I met such a man some 
months ago.
...John Davey. He is sixty years old, but looks forty, and at times acts
twenty....[He’s] the Father of Tree-surgery. I like to call him the Tree’s 
Brother. No man I ever...knew was so blended with the leaves — 
no man I ever knew possessed such a sympathy for waving, swaying 
saplings as this man.
...John Davey is a genius, for a genius is one who has the faculty of
abandonment to an idea, or a cause. He is a genius with the innocence
of childhood, and the intellect of a man.

Of John Davey’s impassioned employees, Hubbard says the following:

When you hear of a “Davey gang” being at work somewhere, go and
see them. They are a type. Bare of head and of arm, brown, small or 
of medium size, silent, they work with a precision, and intelligence
and an earnestness that is a delight to see....Their zeal is the zeal of
John Davey....They are big factors in reclaiming the earth for the joy
of man.

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