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Drought-Stricken Trees Face New Threat


Houston's trees have suffered through months of drought.

And while they long for rain, the rain that may be coming there way promises to bring high winds, leaving many people worried that trees' dry, brittle branches will break off before benefitting from any relief rain would bring.

"It would be so nice to get the water without the rain," Galvan says in her report.

Davey District Manager Jack Swayze shares some tips with property owners on what they can do to help their trees in preparation for strong storms on Houston's KRIV FOX 26.

Read the story below and see the live video on KRIV FOX 26.

Drought-Stricken Trees Face New Threat

By Kristine Galvan

HOUSTON - They're trimming trees down in Memorial Park, before they just fall.

After months of extreme drought conditions, the trees in our area are dry and thirsty for any kind of rain that could come this way.

With a potential storm forming in the gulf, the possibility of any kind of rain is a welcome one.

But along with rain comes the possibility of high winds, and because our trees are so dry and brittle these days, they're now under a new threat.

"We could be looking at a lot of limbs down and trees just breaking off," said FOX 26 meteorologist Kristi Powers.

"High winds could come through, knock over those branches and cause problems in regards to roadways, causing problems mainly for first responders," said Alvin Wright, of the city of Houston's Public Works and Engineering Department. "We want folks to realize and remember that we are in...We are in hurricane season. And so we have to be prepared, even though we do need the weather."

It's probably too late to call for professional help but Jack Swayze, a district manager with Davey Tree Experts, says there are things property owners can do.

"In Ike, since we couldn't deal with the immediate issues, we had clients put a chain around the tree that had a "V Fork" to tie it together and it was successful," Swayze said.

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