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Davey Manager Gives Advice on Supporting Colorado’s Trees

When Denver’s 303 Magazine wanted to do a story on caring for trees, it turned to the experts at Davey Tree. In this story, Davey’s East Denver Residential Office District Manager John Bretsch gives homeowners a little practical advice on caring for trees in the high-altitude desert.

Published July 3, 2013


The pillars of our ecosystem – trees – something so pivotal yet receive such trifle credit and attention. Trees conventionally are valued for their extrinsic aesthetic appeal in contrast to their intrinsic worth.

Trees have been correlated to various eco-contributions:

  • Combating the greenhouse effect.
  • Conservation of home energy.
  • Aid of water conservation.
  • Provision of clean air.
  • Prevention of soil-erosion.
  • Increase of property value.

Nourish your environment by supporting it at the root.

Planting trees is an eminent way to aid in the flourishing of a community, but so is maintaining current vegetation.  This presents a unique challenge – especially if you are not aware of the looming signals.

Symptoms of a tree in need:

  • Wilted leaves.
  • Brown or yellowing leaves.
  • Sparse canopy.
  • Early leaf drop.

A fact that eludes many is that the Denver Metro area is classified as a high desert. John Bretsch of The Davey Tree Expert Company points out that, “Very few trees grow here naturally. So, as we look around our landscape, we are generally looking at trees that have been planted.”  In conjunction with our frequent plague of droughts cautionary action is required for sustainment.

The Davey Tree Expert Company know stressed trees are more common than not in our present circumstantial climate. Precise tips to alleviate ailed trees – watering, mulch, pruning, and root care methods are available.

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