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Celebrate Trees This Arbor Day

In this article with Angie's List, Tim Jackson, district manager of Davey's West San Antonio office, tells readers to plant a tree and enjoy some shade this Arbor Day. 

Posted: April 7, 2016 

Trees are one of nature’s most wonderful gifts. They clean the air, increase property values and support wildlife. Trees also provide shade, which keeps you cool and minimizes the harmful effects of UV rays on your skin. That’s right — trees actually act as nature’s sunscreen. In honor of Arbor Day, plant a new tree or show your existing trees some love.

Planting trees

If you plant a tree this Arbor Day, choose one that will provide you with the best shade. Deciduous trees with large spreads of dense foliage protect you from the sun and provide thicker coverage during intensely sunny summer months. Plant your new tree on the east, west or northwest side of your home to offer shade from the summer sun and reduce air conditioning costs by up to 35 percent. 

Inspecting trees

You don’t have to plant a tree to celebrate Arbor Day. Inspect the trees you already have by doing the following.

  • Inspect trees and shrubs from the bottom up. Check for brittle or dead branches, soft or decaying wood, small holes in the trunk or shallow pits in the bark.

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