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Care for trees

Shawna Coronado's blog post features a crew from Davey's West Chicago office that recently cared for the trees on Shawna's property, and encourages homeowners to take care of the trees on their own property.   

Posted: June 26, 2016 

By Shawna Coronado 

We are coming upon the time when drought is a concern in parts of the country and care for trees is super critical. Trees provide shade for our homes and can reduce our energy bills so keeping them well cared for is an investment for our homes. According to the experts at Davey, the best way to water your trees is with a drip system. It saves water and prevents fungal problems compared to trees that are “sprinkled” regularly. Young trees in particular, need regular and deep watering to help them establish deeper root systems. Mulch your trees well to help conserve water, but do not “volcano” your mulch as that can damage a tree at the base. Drought symptoms include wilting, curling, and browning leaves or limb death from the top and outsides of a tree moving inward, suckering at the base of the tree, and extremely heavy seed production.

Pruning My Honey Locust

Davey recently came out to prune my trees and they have made a beautiful difference in my back garden. I have this Old Man Honey Locust which we call the “Stick Tree” because it is always dropping dead sticks on our heads, particularly after a storm or winter, but really any time he likes.  He hangs droopy and full of dead branches in the back garden and I was worried that perhaps the flagstone path surrounding the tree injured it somehow. When the Davey tree experts reviewed the tree on their initial assessment visit they reassured me that the tree is acting normally for an old man and has little to do with the pathway below. We could cut him down, but he still has lots of life and shade left to give, so the trick is to keep our old guy comfortable until his last breaths. Pruning all the deadwood out and lifting up the heavier branches on a tree that has never been trimmed regularly should revitalize him and he should continue on for many years. A good haircut makes me feel great too, so I approved of the work for Old Man Honey Locust and we began the process.

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