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Davey in the News

  • Pest evolution Emerald ash borer is becoming more of a problem in certain states. Here’s what you need to know if your area has been or could be infested. See more
  • Davey Tree to donate maple to GN Estates The Davey Tree Expert Company will be donating a tree to the Village of Great Neck Estates for Arbor Day, April 26 this year - after taking down hundreds of trees after Hurricane Sandy last November. See more
  • Know how to protect your trees from these killers By now, many people are aware that the emerald ash borer has been found in Massachusetts. In August of 2012, EAB was discovered in Dalton in the Berkshires. Although it took 10 years from the time it was first identified in Detroit to reach Massachusetts, EAB could show up around Fall River anytime. See more
  • That Tree on the Corner May Be Worth More Than Your House At a time when cities across the nation are slashing street tree funding in order to balance strained budgets, Pittsburgh’s turn to monetizing the urban forest has become increasingly relevant. Trees in an urban setting, whether in sidewalks, medians, yards or parks, have benefits beyond giving shade. See more
  • Preventing tree damage in an age of storms Powerful storms cull weak, diseased, and structurally deficient trees, and the longer an area goes without a major storm, the higher the number of vulnerable trees. See more
  • Windy weather: How to prevent wind damage to your property's trees Most homeowners worry about their properties trees during hurricanes and large storms; however, high winds are also a prime time for tree falls, which ultimately put your home in danger. See more