5 Cool Trees to Brighten Winter Landscapes

In this article with Angie's List, Mario Cipriano, district manager of Davey's Northern Virginia office, gives readers a few suggestions for spicing up their winter landscape. 

Posted: Dec. 15, 2016

Winter landscapes can look less than cheery once colorful autumn leaves have fallen and perky perennials begin their long seasonal nap. But you can add interest to your winter landscaping with trees and shrubs that provide color, height, texture and berries throughout the cold months. 
Besides being attractive features, winter trees also provide food and shelter for local wildlife and increase property values. 

1. It’s always Christmas with holly

With its crisp green leaves and bright red berries, no wonder Christmas decorations so often showcase holly. While the scarlet holly berries are a welcome sight in winter, hollies add year-round interest to winter landscapes. Choose from many varieties, shapes and shades of green.

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