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Davey In The News
Spotting Zombie Trees
William Johnston from Davey's South Austin office shares how to spot a zombie tree.
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Davey In The News
Do you have 'zombie trees' in your backyard?
Jeff Newborn from the Menlo Park office, talks about zombie trees or trees that are dying from the inside out.
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Davey In The News
Celebrate Oaktober and the Majestic Oaks of Texas
Kevin Martin from Davey's North Austin office talks about the importance of oak trees and the sustainability properties.
Winterizing Garden Raking Fall Leaves
Davey In The News
Should I rake my leaves this fall? Experts say that's not always a good idea. Here's why.
Lou Meyer, business developer for Davey's mid-Atlantic region shares the pros and cons of not raking your leaves.
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Davey In The News
How To Help Your Trees, By Season
Travis McDonald from Davey's South Minneapolis office shares how to best care for your tree each season.
Betz (1)
Davey In The News
Is it better to rake up fallen leaves?
Matt Betz from Davey's Charlotte office talks about when you should and should not rake your leaves.
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Davey In The News
Check your trees for damage after strong winds
Matthew Coady, area manager of Western Operations for Davey Tree Canada, talks about the importance of checking on our trees following strong winds.
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Davey In The News
Drop the rake and ‘leave the leaves,’ Edmonton arborist recommends
Kevin Sproule from Davey's Edmonton office shares the benefits of leaving your fallen leaves on the ground.
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Media Contact

Davey Corporate Communications

(800) 447-1667 Ext. 1107

Email or fill out this form

**All non-media inquiries please find the appropriate contact here.

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