Reliable, Efficient Aerial Fiber Installation Services

Davey Resource Group, Inc. (DRG) delivers aerial fiber installation to effectively improve communications services to your customers. Our industry experience helps ensure that we properly audit the area before installation.

We will walk you through every part of the aerial fiber cable deployment process. Our team uses ADSS cables for these types of installations, allowing pole owners to re-use existing poles and avoid glass optical fiber cables, which are prone to breakage. ADSS cables are self-supporting, flexible, and do not need additional infrastructure when being deployed.

Our experts work on a variety of projects, from the most simple to the most complex. All of our team members put safety at the forefront; helping you achieve your project goal efficiently and safely.

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Our Commitment To Safety

DRG is dedicated to delivering communications construction services safely. We promote safe work practices and behaviors throughout our organization. We view safety and skills training as a continuous development tool, and all employees receive ongoing education related to electrical hazard awareness, observable hazard identification, defensive driving preparedness, and National Safety Electric Code training.

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For more than a century, Davey has provided the solutions utility providers need to keep their customers happy. From vegetation management and asset management to make-ready engineering services, we can help you reach your goals with expert service and a commitment to quality.  

Featured Client Success Stories

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Communication Utility

DRG Quickly Mobilizes Crews To Restore Service After Tornadoes In Midwest

DRG crews quickly restored service in 86 areas of Hamilton County after a series of tornados hit the region, knocking out connectivity in a time of increased need
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Communication Utility

DRG Crews Keep Wireline Construction Project On Target & Incident Free

In today’s highly competitive environment, communications companies often struggle to find qualified contractors with the bandwidth to complete large projects on time. When a client needed help expanding its fiber optic line in the Midwest, Davey Resource Group was ready and able to deliver.
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Kinetic By Windstream
Communication Utility

DRG Provides Fiber Installation & Vegetation Management To Kinetic By Windstream

Davey’s utility teams joined efforts to clear trees with the supervision of an ISA-certified arborist and install overhead fiber lines for Windstream’s Hudson, Ohio customers.
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