Kinetic By Windstream

Davey’s utility teams joined efforts to clear trees with the supervision of an ISA-certified arborist and install overhead fiber lines for Windstream’s Hudson, Ohio customers.

The Challenge

In the present day, internet connection has become intertwined with daily life. From working to school, most tasks are completed digitally, and the need for a reliable internet connection is higher than ever. When it comes to speed and access, fiber optic connections are the current gold standard, and many service providers are upgrading their communication infrastructure to meet the demand of consumers.

In 2022, Kinetic by Windstream wanted to upgrade their internet service to fiber optic for their customers in Hudson, Ohio to enhance internet speed and increase reliability. The local municipality required an ISA-certified arborist to supervise any tree removal or pruning that needed to be done before construction on the project, and Kinetic needed a service provider who could install the fiber lines on their utility poles.

The Solution

Based on an established relationship, Kinetic called on Davey Resource Group (DRG) to help with installation. With experts available across all disciplines Kinetic needed, Davey was able to be a one-stop shop for the utility.

An ISA-certified arborist oversaw crews while they cleared trees in the communication space around utility poles and lines, creating a clear path for DRG’s line construction crews to install overhead fiber optic lines.

The Results

The trimming and line installation work took around two and a half months to complete, thanks to Davey’s efficient crews working in tandem to complete the project. DRG is on board to work on Phase II of the project, which includes installing underground fiber lines in the future.

With Davey’s ability to be a sole source solution for all of Kinetic by Windstream’s needs, the communication utility was able to complete the fiber line installation and meet the demand of customers in the service area in a timely manner.

Before fiber optic installation took place, Davey trimmed or pruned any trees within the right-of-way while being supervised by an ISA-certified arborist.

Davey helped Kinetic by Windstream complete fiber optic installation for their customers in Hudson, OH.

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