Why Is Plant Health Care Important?

In their natural forest environment, plants have access to every element needed for optimum health. Plants in yards may not have the same benefits. In fact, they face more stressors and competition, with less naturally occurring nutrients and defenses.

What Is A Plant Health Care Program?

With a plant health care (PHC) program, your landscape is managed holistically with routine monitoring and preventative treatments. The PHC program is comprehensive and takes the entire property into account.

Even though trees are the dominant feature of a home landscape, it also shares the same area with the grass, shrubs, and other plants. So, the care of each plant can affect the health of every plant in your landscape.

Davey Is Deeply Rooted In Plant Health

Our total plant health care approach combines preventative and therapeutic treatments to provide residential trees and shrubs with everything they need to thrive.

Gain More Insight Into The 5 Key Areas Of Plant Health Care Below!
Tree Health
Tree Health

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Maintain Vital Soil Nutrients

Healthy soils grow healthy trees and plants

Trees in our landscape frequently suffer from a lack of nutrients. In the forest, trees enjoy the benefits of nutrient-rich soil from decomposing leaves.

In our yard, we remove fallen leaves, twigs, and bark. While this keeps our yard tidy, it also prevents these beneficial nutrients from being recycled into the soil. Plus, trees and other plants are often surrounded by grass, which outcompetes trees for available nutrients and water.

Add Nutrition Back To The Soil

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Restore Compacted Soil

Loosening compacted soil can improve your lawn.

We run, play, walk, and enjoy our yard constantly. All that foot traffic, along with lawn mowers and construction projects, creates soil compaction. And if your house was recently built; you will most likely see this problem.

Compacted soil leads to stressed soil, crushed root, and restricted root growth.

Reduce Compacted Soil

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Manage Tree Root Space

Root systems are vital for a plant’s health and soil structure.

As trees grow, their expansive roots run into obstacles. Roots often spread well beyond the edges of its canopy. Then, they begin to run into barriers, such as buildings, roads, and sidewalks, that limit root growth.

Improve Tree Root Systems

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Protect From Pests & Disease

Early detection is key to the health of your trees.

Pests and diseases can be a huge threat to the health and beauty of your landscape, especially if left untreated!

Proactive monitoring is essential to quickly diagnose and treat (or manage) the issue to restore your green assets back to good health.

Here are a few resources to help you identify and treat a few common tree pests and diseases:

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Prevent & Treat Physical Damage

Regularly check your trees for signs of stress from physical damage.

Deer and rabbits can do a number on your shrubs and trees, and so can lawn mowers and string trimmers — we can accidentally hurt tree trunks and roots with them.

And these types of injuries can interrupt a tree's spread of water and nutrients, which negatively impact the tree’s long-term health.

Routine Tree Care & Maintenance

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