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Vertical Mulching

Vertical MulchingYour trees need fresh air and water, just like you, but soil compaction can make these difficult to attain. So take a few corrective measures and your trees will thank you. Of course, your local Davey arborist is here to help.

Traffic Jam

Ideally, soil consists of 50 percent solids and 50 percent pore space, which is occupied by air and water. When foot or vehicular traffic place downward pressure on the soil, it loses this healthy balance. The resulting soil compaction reduces pore space in the soil, limiting the water and air supply to tree roots.

Under Pressure

Soil compaction induces stress on trees, which may lead to a gradual decline in tree health. Symptoms of soil compaction include:

  • Poor growth and reduced number and size of leaves
  • Branch die back
  • Susceptibility to pest problems and environmental stress
  • Failure of tree to respond to proper care

Vertical Measures

Enter vertical mulching technology, a process that can reduce the effects of soil compaction and the resulting stress on your trees. Your local Davey arborist drills holes into the soil and then backfills them with porous materials appropriate for the site.

We want to keep the stress away from your trees. Implement vertical mulching in your own yard by finding your local certified arborist.


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