Private Estate In West Bloomfield, MI

Davey Resource Group installed silt fence, native seeding, and erosion control within a limited timeframe for a client in Bloomfield, MI.

Project Narrative

Davey Resource Group, Inc. (DRG) was contracted by a Private estate in Bloomfield, MI to perform silt fence installation, woody invasive cut stump treatment and removal, native seeding, erosion control installation of straw/coconut blankets and straw wattle, and installation of 57 five-gallon native shrubs.

The DRG team initially installed a silt fence along the shoreline of the project area. After the silt fence was installed, a township representative approved the project area and scope and proposed woody removals and native shrub species. DRG then began initial invasive woody removals and cut stump treatment from the shoreline. Woody invasive species included common buckthorn, honeysuckle, grape vine, and bittersweet. Other removals included small dead ash trees and small black locust. All stumps were treated with herbicide. After the cut-stump treatment was completed, the DRG team prepped the bare soil for the native seeding of an erosion-control seed mixture. The mixture was then covered with an NAG SC-150 erosion-control blanket, and multiple straw wattles were installed to further aid erosion control. Finally, DRG installed 57 five-gallon native shrubs. The species installed were Cornus sericea (red-osier dogwood), Aronia arbutifolia (red chokeberry), and Viburnum dentatum (arrowood viburnum).

Going Above & Beyond

DRG exceeded client expectations by not only completing the project in a limited time frame but also—per the client’s request—removing two additional common buckthorn outside of the original project area. Because the project was completed so well within budget, the team was able to remove the additional buckthorn. The client was beyond pleased with the time it took to complete the project, the final product DRG completed, and the extra service the team provided.

DRG removed woody invasives along the shoreline in Bloomfield, IN


Once cleared, DRG prepped the area for erosion control and installed 57 five-gallon native shrub


DRG used straw/coconut blankets and straw wattle as erosion control


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