Spalding Green Subdivision

Spaulding Green, LLC, contracted Wilson Environmental Technologies, now part of Davey Resource Group, to perform wetland permitting, mitigation design, and delineation of over 400 acres.

Project Narrative:

Spaulding Green, LLC—an ongoing single-family-home subdivision in the Town of Clarence, New York—is one of the largest upscale developments in the region. However, the subdivision contained significant areas of both State and Federal wetland, and avoiding as much of that wetland as practicable requires accurate delineations and flexibile design. To solve the problem, Spaulding Green contracted Wilson Environmental Technologies (WET)—now part of Davey Resource Group, Inc. (DRG)—to perform Wetland Permitting, Mitigation Design, and Delineation of over 400 acres. 

Moreover, the mitigation called for a redesign due to the discovery of an archaeological site within the original mitigation location. WET overcame this challenge by both redesigning the mitigation layout and accomplishing the conditions of the permit. 

The permit issued allowed for the impact (filling) of approximately 3.78 acres of federally jurisdictional wetland and the realignment of 3600 linear feet of unnamed tributary of Gott Creek. The accepted wetland mitigation is approximately 7.54 acres combined within two basins. 

Resulting from a 2022 compliance inspection, the mitigation creation for Basin Two was accepted as complete and in compliance with the issued permits. Basin One, which was constructed in 2018, is still being monitored. 

The mitigation areas are expected to continue to function as a mixed-use habitat for wading birds, waterfowl, and amphibians. Additionally, DRG has been contracted to treat Invasive Species (Phragmites australis), starting in late summer and again in late fall of 2022.

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