Northeast U.S. Based Utility

When an electric utility client in the Northeast U.S. requests assistance with a short term hazard tree program, DRG has staff en route within six hours and exceeds client expectations in the work performed.

The Challenge

Utility line tree trimming typically occurs in cycles of 3-5 years. However, conditions in the landscape are continually subject to change within those cycles. Storms, disease, insect infestations, construction, and/or other events can potentially create tree hazards that demand attention between scheduled tree trimming operations.

In September 2018, the electric utility identified potential tree hazards across their system. The decision was made for immediate assessment and remediation.

The Solution

Based on an existing relationship with Davey Resource Group, the utility immediately reached out to DRG for assistance with their short term hazard tree program, requesting staff to identify and assess hazard trees.

Within 6 hours, DRG identified and mobilized the appropriate individuals to staff the team. In addition to staff members already on site, DRG called in qualified individuals from Massachusetts and North Carolina and had them mobilized to the site.

Over the next four weeks, DRG staff identified and assessed all hazard trees in the client’s grid. The DRG team’s technical expertise allowed them to quickly adapt and utilize the client’s own collection software to collect tree data, eliminating the need to sync or convert data.

The Results

DRG commenced work on the project on Tuesday, September 18. The utility’s initial deadline for completion was set for the end of December; however, the DRG team completed the 310 line mile project to the client’s satisfaction on Wednesday, October 17, about 10 weeks ahead of schedule.

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Two Employees

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