River’s Breeze

River’s Breeze is a condominium subdivision that offers high-level living in Kentucky—literally and figuratively. While perched above the scenic Ohio River, Davey is on-site weekly to ensure River’s Breeze promised luxury is expertly maintained.

Located on Pidgeon Hill, the residents of River’s Breeze condominium subdivision enjoy views of the Ohio River to the west and downtown Cincinnati to the east. There are about 650 residents in the subdivision with an active social committee that sponsors community-wide events every year and an involved homeowner’s association that looks to uphold the top quality of the neighborhood.

Since 2013, Davey has ensured River’s Breeze residents live in a well-maintained subdivision by providing a full lineup of grounds management services. Davey landscape crews are on-site weekly mowing, pruning, mulching, and also have on-call support from local Davey arborists for tree care and Davey Resource Group, Inc. environmental consultants to control undesirable plant species as necessary. In the fall and winter, Davey provides leaf and snow removal services as well as cutbacks to the trees.

“Davey’s helped a lot. None of us here are experts, and they know,” Bill Wagner, River Breeze’s Landscape Committee Leader, said. “They tell us what’s going to be fast-growing and slow-growing. It helps a whole lot to have an expert who knows what’s going on. It’s a big deal to keep the property going.”

Since much of the subdivision is located on hilly terrain, Davey crews must be coordinated and precise to mow turf, prune trees and shrubs, and perform other maintenance work up to River’s Breeze standards while staying safe.

River’s Breeze takes their offer of luxury living for all family types seriously, and Davey has been a longtime partner in maintaining their high standards.

“The homeowners are so involved, they communicate with you and let you know what their expectations are, along with the Landscape Committee,” Jack Reynolds, Account Manager, said. “Everyone works really well together.”

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